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Greasy Pizza Boxes Now Recyclable in Anchorage

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ANCHORAGE – Greasy pizza boxes are now allowed in all Anchorage cardboard recycling.

New data shows that grease and small amounts of cheese in pizza boxes has no effect on the recyclability of the boxes. This material is now accepted in all curbside and cardboard drop-off recycling in the Municipality of Anchorage, including all Alaska Waste recycling.

Greasy pizza boxes have previously not been accepted in Anchorage recycling due to concerns that the grease would affect the ability to recycle cardboard into new boxes. The study found that small amounts of grease were found to have no effect on the recyclability of cardboard.

“We know there’s confusion about whether pizza boxes are recyclable,” said Laurel Andrews, Alaska Waste community outreach specialist. “With this change, recycling becomes a little simpler and more cardboard stays out of the landfill.”

While grease and small amounts of cheese are allowed, larger pieces of pizza and other food are still not accepted in cardboard recycling.

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