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Construction Waste Management Services

Container Sizes  |  Safety Tips  |  Unacceptable Materials  

Serving the building industry in Alaska for more than 25 years, Alaska Waste has earned the respect and trust of contractors statewide. Alaska Waste’s hook lift and roll off container services provide large volume construction and demolition (C&D) waste management solutions for homeowners, homebuilders and commercial contractors.

Alaska Waste offers construction and demolition project managers:

  • Safe, professional drivers
  • A large inventory of container sizes
  • Helpful guidance for homeowner projects
  • Prompt delivery and removal of containers
  • Long-standing experience in construction and demolition (C&D) waste removal

Service Areas

Alaska Waste Professional CDL Driver.

Major Construction Projects

Major Construction Projects Use Alaska Waste.

Homeowner Renovation Projects

Homeowners use Alaska Waste.

Hook Lift and Roll Off Containers

Alaska Waste Hook Life and Roll Off Containers.

Hook Lift and Roll Off Container Sizes

Open TopLengthWidthHeight
10 Cubic Yard Hook Lift 11' 8' 4'
12 Cubic Yard Hook Lift 13' 8' 4'
15 Cubic Yard Roll Off 15' 8' 4'
20 Cubic Yard Roll Off 22' 8' 3'
30 Cubic Yard Roll Off 22' 8' 6'
40 Cubic Yard Roll Off 22' 8' 7.6'

Note: Not all sizes are available in every area.

Service Areas

Construction Waste Safety Tips

  • Keep children away from all containers
  • Containers can be placed on a driveway or concrete slab
  • Do not overload the containers. If can is filled over the top, we cannot dump.
  • Toxic, hazardous, liquids, or flammable materials are not allowed in the containers
  • To avoid the danger of electrocution or damages to vehicles, containers should never be positioned underneath overhead power lines
  • Before ordering a hook lift or a roll off dumpster, it is wise to measure the area where you want the driver to unload the container and to check that there are no overhead hazards like power lines and tree branches.

Unacceptable Materials

Due to legal, safety and environmental reasons certain materials are not allowed in Alaska Waste containers.  Please check with your local Alaska Waste professionals if you have any questions about what is and what is not accepted in Alaska Waste hook lift and roll off containers.

  • Ammunition
  • Asbestos-containing materials
  • Ashes, hot or cold
  • Automotive parts
  • Electronics
  • Fluorescent and compact Fluorescent lamps
  • Hazardous waste
  • Herbicides and pesticides
  • Lead-containing materials
  • Liquid waste
  • Medical waste
  • Paints, oils
  • Products containing PCBs
  • Propane tanks
  • Radioactive materials
  • Railroad ties
  • Solvents, chemicals
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