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Green Business | Recycling at Work

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In a new era, where being environmentally conscious is a must, businesses of all shapes and sizes are hustling to become “Green Businesses”.

With an impressive amount of businesses (70%) currently incorporating some form of recycling effort within their business agenda, the need to convert your organization into a green business is becoming essential. Green Businesses not only help to improve the environment, they are also seeing some unexpected benefits arise within their companies from their actions.

What does it mean to be a “Green Business”?

Green businesses strive to enhance the quality of life for their employees, community members, and clients through environmentally friendly practices. These businesses can achieve this through regulations, policies, and programs set in their agendas to create a healthier and more sustainable future. Through their efforts they have been able to create positive changes not only within their own organizations, but also their surrounding communities.

The hiring of professional recycling companies to assist in handling the recycling duties is the most common and cost-effective tactic that green businesses are using to increase their eco-friendly practices. Since businesses run through an exceptional amount of recyclable waste, recycling companies, like Alaska Waste are needed to manage the high volume of materials being recycled. The recycling professionals at Alaska Waste will guide you on your path to becoming environmentally friendly by evaluating your needs, and creating a recycling plan based on those needs.

Alaska Waste offers a wide range of commercial recycling services for business of all sizes. Smaller businesses and businesses that are interested in just getting started with a recycling program within their workplace may be interested in our Office Recycling Program (ORP). Alaska Waste’s ORP offers small businesses around Anchorage with convenient office recycling collection. We offer weekly or flexible on-demand collection to meet the needs of your business and we accept a variety of material including plastic soda/water bottles, aluminum cans, and mixed paper products through our ORP.

If your business accumulates a large volume of recyclable material such as cardboard, mixed paper, or scrap metal, Alaska Waste also offer commercial dumpster recycling. Whether you need commercial recyclling containers or commercial compactor services, Alaska Waste offers containers in a variety of styles and sizes to meet your needs and help your business become greener. By actively working towards becoming a green business, your company may see reduced waste costs as well as an enriched public image.

Attracting the Future

A recent study has found that 92% of young professionals are more inclined to work with an environmentally green business over a non-practicing business. As you already know the need to attract and retain a qualified workforce is one of the most important aspects behind creating a successful business. Making the shift to an environmentally sound business will also raise moral among employees that have strong beliefs in recycling practices. Implementing a business wide recycling agenda within your business may lead to an increase of personal recycling practices by your employees at home, in turn creating a cleaner and more sustainable community. 

Alaska Waste will work with your business to form a customized recycling program that fits your commercial recycling needs. Our skilled professionals will work with you and your business to create a regular and appropriate recycling plan that could lower waste cost, and assist in creating a favorable green business image with your clients, employees and community members. Recycling: Good for the environment, good for business!

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Alaska Waste is committed to the communities we serve and operating a safe and environmentally friendly operation for our customers and employees. 

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