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New! Residential recycling pilot program in Mat-Su, first month free

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Alaska Waste is excited to announce our new residential recycling pilot program for areas of Palmer and Settlers Bay in the Mat-Su Valley. Residents who sign up now get the first month free!

Residential Recycling

Program Details

Residential recycling will be offered in parts of Palmer and Settlers Bay. Please click the attached maps to see if your residence is in the pilot program area:


Settlers Bay

  • First recycling pickup will be Wednesday, April 7.
  • We are offering bi-weekly pickup, with 96-gallon roll carts.
  • The first month is free for residents who sign up now! After that, the rate is $23.33 a month, billed quarterly. Must have trash service with Alaska Waste to be eligible.

Space is limited, so give us a call today to sign up at (907) 376-2158.


What can I put in my curbside recycling bin?

Accepted materials are cardboard, including greasy pizza boxes; Mixed paper, including envelopes, office paper, magazines and newspaper; # 1 PETE plastic bottles and #2 HDPE plastic jugs; Aluminum, steel, and tin cans.

What materials are not accepted in curbside recycling?

Glass; Styrofoam; plastic bags, plastic cling wrap, and #3-7 plastics; paper towels, cups, napkins; milk or juice cartons; plastic clamshells.

What will happen to my recyclable materials?

Your materials will be taken to the Anchorage Recycling Center, where they will be bailed and backhauled to Washington state. There, they will be sorted, sold, and converted to new materials.

Why should I choose curbside recycling?

Recycling helps Mat-Su by keeping materials out of the local landfill. The fewer materials that are sent to the landfill, the lower the rates will be over the long term.

You could save a few dollars on your trash bill. Recyclable items take up a lot of volume in a trash bin. By recycling, you may choose to switch to a smaller trash roll cart.

You can feel good knowing that you are prolonging the life of usable materials, reducing energy use, and lessening your overall impact.

Call us today to sign up! (907) 376-2158.

Or email us at

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