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Wasilla Residential Services

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In Wasilla, Alaska Waste provides safe and timely garbage collection services to residents. Customers may choose from various sizes of the pet-proof carts to keep their waste secure and contained.

Alaska Waste offers:

  • Convenient roll carts
  • Competitive rates
  • Five bill pay options
  • Great customer service

Wasilla Curbside Trash Collection

 Residential Trash Cart.

  • Customers receive cart.  32, 64 or 96 gallon
  • On collection day place cart at curb by 6AM.
  • Do not put unacceptable items out for collection.


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Wasilla Residential Guidelines

Please read through these guidelines and contact us if you have any questions.


  • Residential service is billed quarterly in advance.
  • Extra refuse is billed on the invoice after service has been provided.
  • Click the Pay Your Bill button to view invoices and payment options.
  • Please notify us when you have a change in address, phone number or service needs.


  • Trash roll carts sizes:  32, 64 or 96 gallon. 
  • Only place acceptable items out for trash collection.
  • Due to safety and tariff restrictions, roll carts cannot exceed 150 pounds.
  • Do not place rocks, dirt, hazardous waste or ashes (hot or cold) in any Alaska Waste container.

Special Handling

  • Glass must be labeled and double wrapped (preferably with paper and plastic bags) when placed at the curbside as extra refuse.
  • Any animal or fish waste must be securely double-bagged. A maximum quantity of ten pounds will be accepted in any one container per week.

Extra Refuse

  • Carts with the lid not completely closed may be subject to additional refuse charges.
  • Non-roll cart containers must not exceed 32 gallons or 50 pounds.
  • Odd sized trash must be contained or bundled and measure less than 4 feet in length or width or height.
  • Each additional bag or box set beside the cart must not weigh more than 50 pounds.  These are subject to an extra charge.
  • Large items (any item that doesn't fit in the cart like couches, desks, etc.) can be scheduled for pickup. Two business days before your normal pickup date, please contact your Alaska Waste office to discuss the item(s) you want picked up and to learn the special pickup details. Special pickup charges will vary depending on the item(s).  

Pick-Up Times and Placement

  • Roll cart lids must be closed, place carts so handles face your house.
  • Roll carts must be placed at the curb by 6AM on the scheduled collection day.
  • Roll carts placed for service must be 3 feet from all objects or obstacles including other roll carts.
  • If your house number is not clearly visible from the road, label the cart(s) with your street address.
  • Place cart at least 5 feet from the drivable roadway on the day of service, unobstructed by vehicles and other obstacles such as ditches or snow piles. Avoid placing carts where they interfere with postal collection.


How to Cancel Service
  • To cancel service, please contact your local Alaska Waste office at least 1 week prior to the desired last day of service.
  • Set cart out on the date agreed to during cancellation process.
  • If your cart is not made available for retrieval, your account may be charged a cart fee of up to $75 per standard refuse or recycing cart or $226.67 per bear proof cart.
Service Suspended for Non-Payment
  • Service will be suspended or discontinued due to non-payment.
  • A service resume fee and a cart re-delivery fee will be assessed when an account which was stopped for non-payment is resumed.

 Unacceptable Items


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